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To paraphrase the wonderful Kate Watson-Smyth of @mad_about_the_house fame, I AM an interior designer!  However like a lot of people, I live in an average house on a moderate income and I know nothing about curtains and cushions!  Well actually I do a little bit but I design commercial spaces not homes.   I do however have the advantage of being able to design spatially and have picked up a few tricks over the years that translate into my home as well as my work. 

Over the last year I have shared my home on my instagram account @numbereight_liverpool and have been overwhelmed by the volume of people interested in it!  I'm not a writer and instagram suits me just fine as I'm in seventh heaven creating pretty pictures!   But it has struck me that maybe I should start a blog to answer some of the questions I frequently get asked and to pass on some of the tricks of the trade as it were.  I'll be using drawings, photos of my own projects and inspirational images from others.

Number Eight is a typical terraced house sharing a similar layout to the thousands and thousands of other Victorian properties up and down the country.  Unusually it was bought on probate by the last owners from a lady who had lived here all her life, and so there are an astounding amount of original features.  Despite being fairly nordic in my tastes, I try to decorate and furnish the house in a way that enhances those features.  I have a bit of a tendency towards anything vintage which dates back to my student days, as a result I've developed a bit of an eclectic vintage/scandi/junk shop style which mostly works but sometimes needs reigning in!  I very much believe your home should be a reflection of yourself, be filled with memories and most of all make you happy.

A lot of words for someone who doesn't write ... so now for some pictures of some the lovely original features we have inherited.

Stained glass inner door

 Original floor tiles in vestibule


Bedroom fireplace

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